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Lake Nosbonsing Ice Fishing Hut Operators

Lake Nosbonsing is a popular fishing location near Lake Nippissing. It can be found just south of North Bay, Ontario. The lake which is about 7 miles long and covers an area around 1600 acres is the result of glacial outflow from the great lakes.

Lake Nosbonsing is supplied by both Depot Creek and local springs and has the River Kaibuskong flowing out of the east and running into the River Mattawa.The lake is separated into two halves by narrows and each part of the lake having several beautiful bays.

Nosbonsing offers all of the fishing benefits of its neighbour, Lake Nippissing. However, it is much smaller making it popular with less experienced anglers or those not wanting to deal with the expanse of water of Lake Nippissing.

Every year, thousands of people visit the lake to take advantage of the great fishing. Lake Nosbonsing is home to northern pike, white sucker, rock and smallmouth bass, pumpkinseed, cisco, perch, walleye and muskey.

Walleye (Pickerel) are the main attraction and create the biggest challenge to anglers. It is also necessary to register your ice hut with your local MNR office.

Read this article Ice Hut Registration for more details.

Lake Nosbonsing


Big Moose Camp

Walleye, Pike, Perch

581 Big Moose Road
RR 1
Ontario P0H 1K0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (705) 752-3738

Birch Hill Camp

Ontario P0H 1K0

Contact: Manager
Phone: (705) 752-1273

Sunnyside Camp

Walleye, Muskie, Pike, Perch, Blue Gills

126 Sunnyside Road
P0H 1E0

Contact: Fred Partridge
Phone: (705) 776-2401
Toll Free: (866) 996-9905

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